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"Dustbunny Solutions is more than a cleaning service, they are project managers for your home. Our household consists of 2 full time jobs and 3 active children, so we needed more than a standard cleaning service. Dustbunny Solutions helps me with every project and finds a solution for any item on my "To Do list."

"Lovely, experienced, attentive, responsive and creative people."
-Julie N.

"My dwelling was hit by disaster and I needed help! From my perspective my situation was dire, and I have physical handicaps limiting my abilities across the board. I called several services, telling my story. I was disappointed.
Finally magic...Marlena of Dustbunny Solutions! She possesses and employs the people skills required when a prospective client's home base is no longer home. I could hear the passion, excitement, and desire to right my world in her voice. She rocked my world further by scheduling a time to come by to take a look at the project! Once we met, it was evident she is passionate about her work, and would be personally invested in what is the most personal of projects to me.. Beside all the "intangibles" mentioned, her pricing was by far the best. Dustbunny Solutions was hired!
On day one, let's say I was "unavailable." Upon my "return" Marlena and her great staff had accomplished so much. Every room was accessible; even cleaning and reorganize/redec was accomplished. It was evident there was a procedural plan. I was most impressed.
Prior to their 2nd visit I had a brief phone chat with Marlena. Her action plan is proof positive of their philosophy of doing their best for each client. Marlena read me like a book, and though we're not quite done; she took necessary steps for me to be loving my home. After the disaster I didn't think I'd ever feel that way about "home." Amazing!"

"Dustbunny Solutions is comprised of professionals who do a stellar job, is very flexible, and, in my humble opinion, are Superstars!!!"
—Lois, Chicago, Illinois

"I stumbled upon Dustbunny Solutions via Yelp and I'm so glad I did. I needed a cleaning done on short notice and Marlena was more than accommodating. She worked around my schedule and was able to fit me in right away. Marlena is extremely personable, and clearly has a passion for what she does. I can tell that she is detail oriented and takes pride in the work her company provides. She is a problem solver, and unlike other cleaners I've worked with, she goes the extra mile so that my home was not only spotless, but more organized. Thank you for your impressive work Marlena!"
—Angela S., Chicago, Illinois

"I've been using Dustbunny solutions for a couple months now and couldn't be more happy. Marlena and her team always do an excellent job, and actually made me realize how the last cleaning service I used wasn't actually that great. Dustbunny solutions is also very accommodating and flexible, which I really appreciate. I recently got a new dog, and they didn't even flinch with the new work load. They also didn't mind working with her in the house, and she seemed to take right to them. I'd recommend this cleaning team in a heart beat, they do an excellent job, and make my life so much more enjoyable (no more spending my days off vacuuming)."

"Marlena and Yuri continue to do a great job and go above and beyond. Just a few weeks ago, Marlena brought in her deep cleaner and managed to get a dog stain off my couch that I thought was a lost cause (I was actually shopping for a new slip cover). I have had a great experience with them, they even take my dog out for a bathroom break when they're done."
—Elizabeth D., Chicago, Illinois